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Why use electric actuator?
Release Time:2022-07-02      Clicks:49

The electric actuator is a driving device that can provide linear or rotary motion. It uses three basic types of driving modes, namely partial rotation, multi rotation and straight stroke, and works under the action of a certain control signal. Now let's follow the electric actuator to understand why it is used.


First, now more and more factories have adopted automatic control, and manual operation has been replaced by machinery or automatic equipment. It is required that the actuator can play an interface role between the control system and the mechanical movement of the valve, and it is also required that the actuator enhance the performance of work safety and environmental protection. In some dangerous situations, automatic actuator device can reduce personal injury.

Second, compared with the hydraulic and pneumatic products with the same function, the electric actuator has the highest cost performance. The electric actuator (electric push rod/electric cylinder) is cleaner, easier to operate, and more energy efficient, so users can benefit from it. The integrated design of the electric actuator is easier to program and control, and the maintenance workload is reduced to the minimum. Except under extreme conditions, no parts need to be replaced or lubricated.

Third, to some extent, you can also upgrade your products to make them multi-functional.

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