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PST controller

Product Details

Name: PST controller


PST controller is specially designed for providing automatic and remote remote manual partial valve stroke test, and is used to test any pneumatic hydraulic angle stroke or straight stroke switch valve automation system.


Scope of application:

In valve automation applications, it is a key requirement to ensure system stability.


The valve stroke is confirmed by the position transmitter so that the test results can be recorded automatically.

Record the position and time of the valve in real time.

Record by memory card or download.

Some valve stroke test methods: hand-held infrared remote controller, analog signal, digital signal.

When part of the valve stroke test is started, the valve will automatically move to the preset position, and then immediately return to the normal position.

During the stroke test of some valves, the data shall be recorded to ensure the availability and compatibility of the system.

The travel test data can be recorded through the comprehensive diagnosis software package.

Support HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS bus communication.

The safety function ensures that any emergency command will override the active part of the valve stroke test.

ATEX certification.

Product advantages:

Improve system reliability.

The PFD is greatly reduced by regular partial movement of the valve without affecting normal process operation.

Reduce testing costs.

Because some valve stroke tests can be performed automatically or manually from a remote location, expensive testing methods can be eliminated without affecting system stability, thus reducing maintenance costs.

In some valve stroke tests, potential valve failures can be identified without becoming critical and affecting normal process operation, endangering equipment and personnel, or causing damage to equipment or environment through analysis of comprehensive data record results.

The analysis of log data allows operators to perform cost-effective predictive maintenance procedures to avoid unnecessary maintenance activities.

System fault alarm.

If the valve cannot move during the partial stroke test, immediately stop the test and generate an alarm.

Automatic compliance.

A date stamped data log is an automatic partial valve stroke test that allows the operator to demonstrate compliance with any mandatory requirements.

Robust, compact, cost-effective

The PST controller provides part of a fully parallel hydraulic SIS valve automation system. The full parallel system reduces the possibility of hydraulic leakage and reduces the vulnerability to mechanical damage or normal operation during transportation by not installing hydraulic oil pipe connections and or through exposed pipes.


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