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Straight stroke pneumatic actuator

Product Details

Name: straight stroke pneumatic actuator


PNL and HYL series are widely used as pneumatic and hydraulic straight stroke actuators for straight stroke valves and mechanical devices. For example, the PN and HY series of fork type angular travel actuators are the same, and the cylinder materials of PNL and HYL series are the same, so the service life is long under many working conditions.





Meet SIL3 application conditions;

The ENP coating on the inner wall of the cylinder block has anti-corrosion function, including chrome plating and electric diaphragm;

Spring steel is a completely enclosed welded structure, which can be easily and safely removed.

The detachable spring can select different specifications and ensure the output torque of the spring;

Simple structure, low maintenance cost, no need for special tools;

According to PED 97/23/EC

The modular structure can provide different cylinder block and spring cylinder combinations, reducing the production cycle;

Three fork structures (symmetrical, semi symmetrical and asymmetrical) can be selected to optimize the selection of actuator and save costs;

Suitable for high frequency and high speed working conditions;

The guide rod is designed to effectively balance the lateral force under low air supply pressure and reduce the friction generated by the seal.



Gate valve, straight valve, regulating valve, knife gate valve, swing check valve, general valve, etc.


Scope of application:

Power source pressure range:


PN series: 2.7 Barg~12 Barg

HY series: 13 Barg~250 Barg


Output force value:


289134N maximum


Application ambient temperature range:


Low temperature type: - 45 ° C~+60 ° C

Standard type: - 20 ° C~+80 ° C

High temperature type: - 20 ° C~+140 ° C


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