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Electric angle travel actuator

Product Details

Name: angle travel electric actuator



The GW series intelligent integrated electric actuator is controlled by MCU, which can accept the switching signal and analog signal, and drive the driving parts such as the positive and reverse three-phase contactors or solid state contactors that control the motor after processing, so as to realize the switching operation of the actuator. The controller is internally integrated with perfect overheat and phase loss protection circuits. The controller can provide external proportional signal feedback. The actuator is widely used in power stations, light industry, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil pipelines, water treatment and other automation systems. This electric actuator has three control modes: continuous regulation, manual remote control and local manual operation, which can meet the requirements of frequent regulation control and intermittent control.



Simple mechatronic structural design, aluminum alloy shell, compact structure, small size, light weight, and no need to open the electrical box cover to set the stroke, torque and other parameters.

Planetary gear transmission with small tooth difference has higher mechanical efficiency, stable transmission, strong impact and vibration resistance, and large transmission ratio.

The protection grade reaches IP68, and the explosion-proof grade reaches Exd II BT4.

The displacement sensor adopts absolute position encoder, which is accurate and reliable, without memory battery.

The application of super large scale integrated chips enables the actuator to have powerful functions.

Without clutch design, the valve can be opened and closed directly by turning the handwheel without switching when there is no power supply.

With self-locking function, it can avoid reverse rotation of the valve.

The transmission gear has been coated with high temperature resistant lubricant at the factory.



Regulating valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, solenoid valve, needle valve, pressure reducing valve, water supply and drainage valve, etc.


Scope of application:


Power supply:                                                                                                   

Three phase four wire system: 380 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 5 %                                                Swing angle range:0° ~ 120°。

Single phase two-wire system: 220 V ± 10 %,50 Hz / 60 Hz ±  5%                                   Input and output signals:DC (4  ~ 20 mA,1  ~ 5V,0  ~ 10V)。


Operating environment:


Ambient temperature:                                                                                                   

Standard type: - 30 ~ 80 °, relative humidity: 5% ~ 98%           

Output current load resistance: ≤ 700 Ω.

Connection mode: can be processed arbitrarily according to the requirements of valve stem   



Anti interference index:

External magnetic field: ≤ 400 A/m 50Hz, common mode interference: 250 V 50 Hz, serial mode interference: AC signal with effective value of 1 V has a frequency of 50 Hz and a phase of 0 ~ 360 °, electrostatic discharge: 4 KV, electrical fast transient pulse train: 1000 V signal input terminal at power supply terminal 500 V, radio frequency interference: frequency of 80 ~ 1000 MHz, test field strength 3 V/m, distance of 1 m, surge interference: 1 KV.


Motor standard:

Standard induction motors use drivers with 30% starting frequency, and 75% starting frequency uses DC motors.

The insulation grade of all types of motors is F, and the internal temperature control protection device (135 ℃) is installed to prevent the motor from overheating and burning.

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