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Electric straight stroke actuator

Product Details

Name: Straight stroke electric actuator



GW series intelligent integrated electric actuators use advanced large-scale digital integrated chips, and have professional digital torque sensors and displacement sensors. The integrated structure design creates perfect functions, excellent performance, exquisite beauty, simple debugging and convenient operation. The straight stroke electric actuator consists of a multi turn electric actuator and a linear propulsion device. The rotating torque is converted into axial thrust or traction force and continuously adjusted. The straight stroke linear propulsion device adopts the ball screw structure and is equipped with a sealing device. The material of the whole propulsion device is stainless steel. The connection between the straight stroke electric actuator and the valve is realized through a screw. It is suitable for driving single seat valve, double seat valve, cage sleeve valve and other straight stroke regulating valves. It is widely used in power station, light industry, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil pipeline, water treatment and other automation systems. This electric actuator has three control modes: continuous regulation, manual remote control and local manual operation, which can meet the requirements of frequent regulation control and intermittent control.



Simple mechanical drive, compact structure, non-invasive design, without opening the electrical box cover, you can set the stroke, torque and other parameters.

Mechanical torque protector, stable and reliable.

The protection grade reaches IP68, and the explosion-proof grade reaches Exd II CT4.

The torque measurement adopts electronic torque measurement mode, which has high accuracy, high reliability, strong adaptability, and can realize dynamic monitoring and display.

The application of super large scale integrated chips enables the actuator to have powerful functions.

Chinese and English menus are provided. The remote controller can be used for setting and debugging, and the operation is simple and convenient.

A variety of intelligent protection (power failure, motor overheating, etc.) and fault diagnosis functions.

Support bus (MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CANOPEN, etc.) communication function.



Gate valve, straight valve, regulating valve, knife gate valve, swing check valve, general valve, etc.


Scope of application:


Power supply:                                                                                                                       Operating mode:

Three phase four wire system:380 V / 415 V / 600 V,50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 5 %                       Switch type: Continuous operation, S2 - 30% turn-on rate.

Single phase two-wire system: 220 V ± 10 %,50 Hz / 60 Hz ±  5%                                  Intermittent operation:S4 - 15% connection rate, times ≥ 1200 times/hour.


Output force value:                                                                                                                          Basic error: (stroke ≥ 25 mm)     

Combined torque: 5 KN~217 KN, applicable to stop valve, regulating valve, etc.                         Error: ≤ 1%.


Operating environment:


Ambient temperature:

Standard type: - 30~70 °, explosion-proof type: - 20 °~60 °, split type: - 30 °~100 °, relative humidity: 5%~98%, atmospheric humidity: 86~106 Pa.


Anti interference index:

External magnetic field: ≤ 400 A/m 50Hz, common mode interference: 250 V 50 Hz, serial mode interference: AC signal with effective value of 1 V has a frequency of 50 Hz and a phase of 0 ~ 360 °, electrostatic discharge: 4 KV, electrical fast transient pulse train: 1000 V signal input terminal at power supply terminal 500 V, radio frequency interference: frequency of 80 ~ 1000 MHz, test field strength 3 V/m, distance of 1 m, surge interference: 1 KV.

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